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The Magnolia

Magnolia Mansfield Victoria Restaurant

The Magnolia Building Again Vacant

The Magnolia tree in the courtyard hides no secrets of the restaurants namesake, it has lived here for over 150 years, after coming here by boat from England with four other Magnolia Grandiflora’s in 1864.  The actual building was constructed in 1907 and has been home to several Mansfield families over the years.  In the early 1980’s it became a well known restaurant (known at the time as The Magnolia Tree).  In the mid 1990’s after being closed for several years, it became a Bed & Breakfast, and Restaurant after extensive renovations.

Tracie & Travis Boltong have lovingly and successfully ran the historic location as a restaurant & B&B since early 2013 and now in 2016 the owners once again have the building on the market and Tracie & Travis are giving up their lease and moving on.  They are however keeping up their excellent reputation while serving exquisite taste sensations to foodies all around Victoria.

Magnolia Mansfield Victoria Restaurant Tracey and Travis Boltong

The Chef

For almost 20 years Travis has been a qualified Chef and has gained experience with all different types of cuisine in cafes and restaurants, including Chef’s Hatted & Michelin Star restaurants in Australia & Europe.  After finishing his apprenticeship he became head chef at a Portuguese restaurant in Elwood and from there moved on to be a Sous Chef at Madam Jo Jo’s in St Kilda (a one hat restaurant). Still in his early 20’s, the travel bug bit and Travis made the journey to London with one goal in mind, to work at the infamous Le Gavroche, a 2 Michelin Star Restaurant under Albert & Michel Roux Jr.

In the cooking industry, Le Gavroche was known as a foundation for training recognised chefs such as the amazing Marco Pierre White.  Travis went straight to the Le Gavroche kitchen door with knives and uniform in hand to no avail at first.  Day after day having the door slammed in his face till finally a man, while dragging Travis though the door by his collar, said with a strong French voice “Ok you’re lucky today”.  It turned out that someone had walked out of his job that morning and it was perfect timing Travis knocked on the door when they realised they needed a replacement.  Travis was the first Australian to work in the Le Gavroche kitchen since Donavon Cook.  After sometime in each section of the restaurant Travis moved on with a recommendation from Le Gavroche and went work under Gordon Ramsey in his Glasgow restaurant, also 2 Michelin Stars.

While working and travelling his way around the world Travis discovered his passion for classic cooking and developed an appreciation for focusing on localised dishes.  When he finally returned to Melbourne he soon found himself in a sous chef position at the Iconic Italian 2 Hatted restaurant in St Kilda called Cafe Di Stasio under the direction of Ronnie Di Stasio who gave him the opportunity to be able to further enrich his knowledge of classical regional Italian cooking.

“I love classic regional cooking and I want to take our guests on a dining journey where they feel that they have experienced the cuisine as if they had actually dined in that country and in particular, that region”